Where to Report Fraud

ABCs of Fraud
An Educational Program on Consumer FraudDelivered by
The Rotary Club of Halifax

Where to Report Frauds and Scams

 The Rotary Club urges you to report any suspicious behaviour to:

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre                                             (888)495-8501
RECOL (Reporting Economic Crime On Line)                      www.recol.ca

  • Both The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and RECOL put the information into a secure consumer fraud database and share it with local, provincial and federal law enforcement agencies.

Do Not Call List                    www.DNCL.gc.ca                              (866)580-3625
Canadian Marketing Association                                                   (416)391-2362  
Better Business Bureau Maritimes                                                (902)422-6581
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency – Charities Division     (800)267-2384
Industry Canada                                                                                 (800)348-5358
Bank of Canada                         www.bankofcanada.ca/en/banknotes/index.htm Investment Dealer’s Association                                                    (877)442-4322
Canadian Securities Administrators                                              www.csa-acvm.ca
Provincial Department of Seniors                                                 (877)833-3377
RCMP                                                                                                  (800)272-9670

To check your Credit Rating, or to notify if you’ve been victimized:

Equifax                                                                         (800)465-7166
Trans Union Canada                                                 (877)525-3823

           To book a Rotary ABCs of Fraud free presentation:

Call: (902)460 -8786
Email: info@stopfraudns.ca

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